Half asleep stray thoughts


Pulled this little guy out and have been working on him for a few days.  He was originally going to be a gift for my mom, but now both kids want to keep him.  I don’t think she will mind giving him up to the grandkids too badly.

We picked out our tree tonight – an amazing 5 minutes wherein M walked up to the tree display, picked up ONE tree, spun it around and said, surprised, that he thought we had found “it.”  The kids checked for squirrels and chipmunks (you never can tell about those sketchy Lowe’s trees, you know), declared the tree “clean,” and asked if we could take THAT ONE home.  Boom, done.  Check the tree off the list.

I have one more day of work this week, and then I get to spend 3 glorious days at home with the kids, stuffing myself with Thanksgiving turkey, and watching football.  I just have to make it through one more day in cube – land tomorrow…


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