Microblog Mondays: the Winter Is Coming edition

A series of vignettes to illustrate the arrival of winter in the South.

Conversation between me and Mini.  Scene: his bedroom at tuckin last night.

Me: blah, blah … And I laid your clothes out for tomorrow.  It’s going to be cold and rainy, so you need to wear socks.

Him (distraught as only a disappointed 5 year old who has been told to wear socks can be): But it was cold and rainy today! 

Me, laughing: Yes, honey, it’s turning into winter.  It’s going to be like this for a while.

Him:  but I don’t like this!  I want it to be warm again! (Throws himself face first in his pillow. Queue visions of when he’s 15 instead of 5.)

Thinking to myself: you and me both, kid.

My favorite FB status ever, from a friend who lives on the beach talking about her 3 year old:  “M, upon putting on pants this morning, asked, “Why are my shorts so LONG?”

Chatting with a coworker in Maine this morning:

Him: How’s the weather down there?

Me, after thinking for a moment: Cold, but nothing that would impress you.

Him: Probably not.

#30daysofgratitude, day 8, scent

I’ve worn the same perfume since I was a freshman in college, Pleasures by Estee Lauder.  There are other scents that I keep on hand – Victoria Secret Angel, Calvin Klein Euphoria, Isabella Rossellini Manifesto, Forever Sunshine – but day in and day out, I wear the same thing.  I have always loved Calvin Klein One, but my skin is so acidic that it smells like lemon, and only lemon, after about 5 minutes.

One night after the kids’ bath, where I had gotten soaked in Johnson’s Lavender and Vanilla baby wash, I put on Warm Vanilla Sugar hand lotion.  If they could bottle that combination, I would slather myself in it.

#30daysofgratitude day 7, laugh

The kids’ favorite* joke is:
“Knock-knock, who’s there, orange juice in a glass!” Note that they say the whole thing – there is no pause for the listener to respond.

After trick or treating, Smaller has decided that the joke needs an update.  It’s now:
“Ding-dong! Who’s there, chocolate milk!”

And they laugh and laugh at how funny they are, and we laugh and laugh at how excited they are over their joke.  For a pair of preschoolers,  we’re going okay in the humor department.

*”I farted!” is also a big hit.

#30daysofgratitude day 6, bed

I have been sleep deprived since 2009.  Between the pregnancies (heartburn, waking up to roll over, insomnia) and cosleeping (with breastfed babies who want to eat every hour or so) and night wakeups with the big kids (nightmares and potty training and falling out of their beds), it feels like I have been up at night as much as I have been asleep.  In theory I could go to bed earlier, but then I would have to give up those precious few hours before bedtime with Manly. 

It will get better eventually.  With the big kids, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then we started back over with new babies.  At some point I’ll get them all in their own beds and I’ll get mine back.  And then maybe, maybe, I’ll be able to catch back up on sleep before they all move out and I stay up all night worrying about them.

And now I really do need to go to bed.