09 red

I had a surprisingly hard time with this prompt.  There is a lot of red in and around my life, but nothing that would make a good picture.  It didn’t help that it drizzled on and off all day and the light was not good pretty much anywhere. 

I also admit that I’m a little embarrassed to stop and take random photos out in public.  Even with this one, taken in a camera store at the end of the day, I was so self concious that I snapped it and left rather than finding a better angle to show the individual blossoms.  Engaging in creativity still presses all my vulnerability buttons.

07 beneath my feet 

The long run doesn’t care.  It doesn’t care that you’re tired, that you’re scared, that you’re angry, that you didn’t sleep well, that you have a tweaky muscle in your left foot, that you didn’t have time for your short runs during the week.

The long run is 2 or 3 or 4 hours of you with only yourself for company.  There is no internet, there is no phone, there is no family, there is no job on the long run.  There is you and the miles ticking by and that’s it.  The long run is the trail, the sweat, the sky overhead and the mind becoming more and more empty.

The long run is confession, absolution, and penance, all in itself.  The long takes whatever you bring with you and grinds it down into nothingness.  The long run absorbs.  The long run cleanses.  The long run shows you how insignificant whatever it was really is.

06 i’m reading

My bedside table.  You’d think I had abibliophobia.  

Goodreads lets you set a goal for the number of books you want to read in the year.  Despite not meeting my goal of 30 books last year, I decided to step it up and try to read 52 this year.  A book a week doesn’t sound like much, and I can blow through a 300 page novel in a weekend, but I got hung up on a few massive Web serials and also managed to not finish a single book in April.  I finished July 4 books behind pace, which I think I can still recover from in the next 5 months.  

PS – if you want to friend me on Goodreads to see my lists, send me a request.

05 midday

I sit in a cube surrounded by other cubes.  During the day, I only see the sun if I wander into the break room in search of a soda (which doesn’t always happen).  Today I made it a point to walk outside to my car, for just a minute, to get a photo of the midday sun.  The sky was summer blue with mounds of white clouds, the sun was brilliant, and the ruby crepe myrtles swayed softly as the wind kissed the branches.  And I wondered if maybe it’s better that I don’t have a window so that I don’t have to look at what I’m missing.