January 5

I still don’t have my Christmas decorations down.  My husband is unconcerned about this; he comes from a household where the accepted “end-of-Christmas” date is Martin Luther King day.  In my mother’s house, Christmas was put away by January 1.  In the past I’ve followed my mother’s lead because we’ve always had real Christmas trees, and by January 1 they’ve turned into brittle green explosions of pine needles.  But this year, we bought our first artificial tree, so there’s not a pressing fire hazard sitting in my dining room forcing me to act.

In fact, every time I think about putting away Christmas, my eyes go to the, um, let’s call it a “poor decision” that I made regarding new garland for my china cabinet this year.  It’s a lovely artificial garland with gold glittered pinecones and poinsettia flowers.  Emphasis on the “gold glitter” portion of that sentence.  Do you know how much gold glitter a single pinecone will hold?  Now think about a 12′ garland covered in them.  When I put it up, it was like someone was standing over me with a sugar shaker filled with glitter, just pouring it down over me.  I had to go outside and fluff my shirt clean and then vacuum my trail from the door back through the house.  I stare at the garland, and the garland stares back at me, plastic greenery twitching every so slightly in the breeze, waiting.  Waiting for me to gather my courage and my ladder and to attempt the de-glitterfication of the dining room.

I’m wondering whether it’s worth it, or whether I should just come up with a justification of why gold glitter garland is a year-round decorative item.


2 thoughts on “January 5

  1. I have a friend who posts Christmas countdown posts starting in June… the hilarious thing is, after all the buildup, everything comes down on Boxing Day (day after Christmas). I like to leave mine up, certainly until after New Year’s. I’m part Ukrainian, and Ukrainian Christmas is Jan. 6-7… plus, I’m also part Swedish, and my mother tells me the Swedes have a festival on Jan. 13th called “Little Christmas,” where the tree gets taken down & all the leftover goodies are eaten up. So I’ve always felt justified if I take a while to get things taken down. 😉

    • Man, so it turns out we had a HUGE miscommunication in the house. I thought my husband wanted to leave everything up until 1/18, but he meant that he wanted it down NO LATER THAN 1/18. I could have started weeks ago if we had been straight on that!

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