Right now, I’m Reading:

I am an eclectic reader.  I read all kinds of different genres, pretty much all at the same time.  I started Annihilation last night, after reading over and over that it was similar to, or even better than, my favorite podcast (TanisPNWS, whoot!)  The first 10 or so pages have me wanting to book-glutton it, but I’m resisting.  But just for fun, here’s everything else I’m reading right now:

I also have a few started that I had to return to the library before I finished, but that I want to check out again and finish:

Sitting in my house, just waiting for me to open them up:

If you want to know what I’ve read this year (41 books finished!) or what I have in my virtual TBR pile, or if you want to share what you’re reading (please do!), you’re welcome to hit me up on goodreads — I’m sharah there too.  You can find me by the blog email – sharahblog AT gmail.  Or if you want to comment, or leave me an email, I’m all about those book recs!



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