NaBloPoMo Day 4: Dust to Dust

Where do you want your final resting place?

My family has a plot in a cemetery in my hometown.  My grandparents are buried there, and my parents will be.  I doubt that I will be.  I could probably be buried in the same cemetery somewhere, but there is not enough room in their area to keep three generations of our family together.  Plus, I’ve now lived more than half my life here and it would be weird to have my body there now.

If I end up in the green cemetery, I’ll be a little north of here, but the city will eventually fill in around over time.  I like the idea of my body decomposing back into the earth and becoming one again with the forests, the fields.  

If I am cremated, I want my ashes spread in specific places that I love: on my parents’ property, off the bridge leading to the mill pond; into the gulf to ride the soft warm waves forever; here, tamped into the earth at Big Spring; in Michigan with the apple trees bearing tart sweet fruit and honey.

Wherever my body ends up, I want to return to the earth, to become part of the cycle of rebirth and renewal.  I want to re-enter the life stream; that’s  how immortality is achieved.


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