05 midday

I sit in a cube surrounded by other cubes.  During the day, I only see the sun if I wander into the break room in search of a soda (which doesn’t always happen).  Today I made it a point to walk outside to my car, for just a minute, to get a photo of the midday sun.  The sky was summer blue with mounds of white clouds, the sun was brilliant, and the ruby crepe myrtles swayed softly as the wind kissed the branches.  And I wondered if maybe it’s better that I don’t have a window so that I don’t have to look at what I’m missing.  


One thought on “05 midday

  1. I used to tell people, laughing, that I never took lunch in the summer, because “if I went outside, I wouldn’t come back.” I always made it seem like I was joking, but I was actually quite serious.


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