5 Minute Write

  • My running group convinced me to sign up for a half-marathon on Labor Day weekend (“But it’s only $5!).  I have sworn that I would never do that.  I’m somewhere between terrified and gritting my teeth to get down to business. First training run is tomorrow.
  • I got a sample Powerbar in some race swag earlier this year and loved it.  Turns out that that type is discontinued.  Sad trombone.
  • M’s sister is getting married on Labor Day.  Outside.  In Alabama.  The entire family is appropriately horrified (the heat! the humidity! the mosquitoes!), but she will not be dissuaded.  However, as we have not been asked to provide flower girls, I am gritting my teeth and practicing my “Not my circus, not my monkeys” chant.
  • 8 days of school left.  Two graduation celebrations to attend.  Ballet practice and recital at the same time.  Everyone, EVERYONE!, is done.  My teeth are gritted so hard I might never unclench my jaw again.  Bring on the summer vacation.
  • Crap, I type slow.  4 bullet points in 5 minutes.  I’m out of practice, obviously.  Need to work on that.

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