Mother’s Day

Mama, I saw a butterfly!
[You are a butterfly, my love.]

What color was it?
Black and white and red stripes!
[You flit through the yard in rainbow tulle, pink and orange and yellow, silver sandals and pink sequins flashing in the sun.]

But it flew away over the fence.
It’s probably eating the honeysuckle.
[Creamy white and yellow buds twining through the green trees, sweet scent wafting on the soft breeze.  When you get older, I’ll teach you to pluck the blossoms and suck the sweet nectar yourself.]

Can I be in the hammock with you?
Of course, my love.
[Come nestle beside me, draping your long brown legs over mine, feet bare and muddy, breathe with me as we drift back and forth under the tall green trees.]

I love you, mama.
I love you too, baby.
[I love you forever, my heart.]


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