On family dysfunction, Christmas preview edition:

Surprisingly, I am almost done with Christmas shopping.  We ended up not swapping gifts except for the kids this year, which cut my list down by half.  But we don’t want or need anything, and neither does anyone else, and we all decided it was better to forgo wasting money and time and angst on a pile of stuff for stuff’s sake. 

It feels a little weird not having a big pile wrapped up under the tree, but only because we’ve just always had that.  As long as the kids feel content on Christmas morning, that’s all I’m really shooting for.

I’m more sad, really, that our extended family tradition is not going to happen.  Scheduling and a healthy dose of resentment mean that we won’t see a group of people like we normally do on Christmas day. We are trying to decide whether to travel to see other family instead (blegh) or just to stay home by ourselves (also kind of blegh).


Why does family have to be so hard?  Why can’t we all just get over ourselves and love each other and not be such self-absorbed jerks, at least for one day of the year?

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