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I think I enjoy the anticipation of the holiday season as much (or more) than I enjoy the holidays themselves.  Putting up Halloween decorations, planning our Thanksgiving menu, buying Christmas presents, the entire DAYS of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve – those give me such a thrill and a happy warm joy at being alive.  And some of the days themselves are better than others.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are usually okay – there are activities to do and people to connect with, while Christmas Day is always a huge letdown for me.

I think part of that is that my kids are so young still that Christmas is 100% focused on the presents – and when they are all opened, that’s it – it’s over.  Growing up, we had presents, but we also had family over for breakfast, and then we went to my godparents’ house, and I always saw my cousins.  The whole day had something to do and somewhere to go and someone to see.  Once my kids are old enough to enjoy each others’ company and to talk and interact at a more experienced level, I hope the whole day gets some of its joy back.  Because right now, it’s a pain to have to help them transition down out of the expectation for MOAR PRESENTS!!! into this-is-what-you-got-and-they’re-all-open-already, and then to have them spin back up to go to their grandparents for dinner and MOAR PRESENTS!!!


So what’s better for you: the anticipation for a thing, or the thing itself?


One thought on “Anticipation

  1. Oh Christmas day. It’s always such a dreadful disappointment. I’ve actually taken to actively dreading it and wanting to avoid it. I wake up on that day just wanting it to be over. Luckily Christmas Eve is still enjoyable for me, probably because it was never weighted down with so much expectation. I hope that some day I can enjoy Christmas day again, but I think my kids need to be A LOT older for that to happen.

    The anticipation is definitely the fun part for me. It took me so long to realize that, but now that I do I’m making the most of the looking forward to stage, and I think my life is more enjoyable for recognizing that the anticipation is more pleasant than the day itself.

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