Thanksgiving Preview

Because it’s November and Jenny is musing on her menu too, here’s a preview of what I’m thinking about for Thanksgiving dinner*:

  • Appetizers – marinated artichoke hearts, olives, veg and dip
  • Roast Turkey (~18-20 lb)
  • Pennsylvania Dry Stuffing (gag, but my husband’s Yankee family demands it)
  • Dressing (Paula Deen’s recipe but without the oysters thankyouverymuch)
  • Brown Gravy (Tyler Florence)
  • Roasted butternut squash
  • Broccoli salad (recipe from pinterest, but I’ve had it before and it is fantastic.  And green!)
  • Creamed corn (only fresh will do, and this is easy and can be made ahead)
  • Scalloped potatoes (no recipe because my SIL makes them)
  • Cornbread pudding (Jiffy classic – I like using the fresh creamed corn above in place of the canned in the recipe)
  • Cranberry sauce (whole berry and homemade via my MIL)
  • Cranberry jelly (because I have to have the stuff out of the can)
  • Rolls (storebought, because I’m not entirely crazy)
  • Pecan pie (via back of Karo syrup bottle)
  • Pumpkin pie (via my MIL, but from the back of the Libby canned pumpkin) and homemade whipped cream, with fresh coffee

and the family favorite – Sweet Potato Casserole** (click to embiggen – it’s a .jpg):

Sweet Potato Casserole

Some notes on that – (1) don’t grate by hand unless you absolutely have to.  We use the food processor disk that turns the potato into tiny little round shreds (2) 45 minutes may not be enough – you want the edges to be crispy and the whole top to be golden and caramelized (3) feel free to make a day or two before and reheat, it just gets better as it sits.  Also, this is fantastic reheated with extra butter and a fresh cup of coffee for breakfast.

*Footnote – I know this looks like a huge dinner, but it is for 8 adults and 5 children.  Thanksgiving is our designated family holiday to host, because we want the food done right and don’t trust anyone else to do so 🙂

**Footnote the 2nd – I realized after I hit publish, that “Potato” is misspelled multiple times in multiple ways in this recipe.  That’s what I get for uploading scans to the internet for the world to see.  There’s a reason spellcheck was invented, and it’s called “me.”


So what are you having (or what do you want to have) for Thanksgiving? Classic or nontraditional dinner?


One thought on “Thanksgiving Preview

  1. 34 years of classic dinner and I’m done. So your casserole, crispy roasted green veg, turkey and maybe vegetarian sausage, prob biscuits and maybe bread, cornbread chestnut dressing (if I find time to peel the chestnuts….), pecan pie, pumpkin something (pumpkin coconut milk ice cream???), maybe apple pie because AMERICA! Coffee, brandy, wine. For eight to ten people….. I’m now being afflicted with Middle Sister too. SIGH. Cue up more drinking.

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