Managing the Big FB

I’m trying to figure out what to do about facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the ability to connect with people I care about, to easily share photos with family in other states, to record my memories in a single place that I can access from almost anywhere.  But what I DON’T like is the way I get sucked in, that I scroll and scroll and scroll, hungry ghosting for that distraction, that escape.  I don’t like the amount of time that I spend on the site, and the way I feel depleted and empty afterwards.

For the past week, I’ve been limiting my time there.  I didn’t delete the app, but I removed it from my main phone screen so that I have to go into the menu and pull it up.  I’ve been going in and checking the things I actually care about: I offer birthday greetings from the events menu in the morning, then I check my running group and the school PTA group for any news, and then I flip through my lists of family and close girlfriends (most of whom don’t post that much).  After following that schedule for the past week-ish, I’ve come to the realization that the people I care most about hearing from don’t put all that much content up.  They are good about responding to ME, but I’m not actually getting a lot of news from them in that channel.

I need to make time to go through and make some really detailed lists of people (hey, who else is remembering those “circles” from google+ as I say that?) so that I can a) control my privacy settings and who gets access to what and b) limit my content consumption to the things I really want to know/see.  The other thing I need to do is figure out how to entertain myself.  I caught myself checking into fb at lunch because I was sitting at my desk and didn’t have anything else to distract my attention as I ate.  We don’t have a breakroom to eat in, so if I don’t go out to lunch, I try to at least log off my computer and sit at the empty side my desktop for an hour.  Sometimes I write or bring a book to read, but sometimes I just want to let my brain relax.  And I let the fb scroll do that for me – not helpful.  I need a better habit to engage in.

[footnote: dealing with just facebook reminds me of why I don’t do twitter. Too much work to manage all those different people!]


How do you handle your consumption/interaction with social media platforms?


3 thoughts on “Managing the Big FB

  1. I am like a zombie when I scroll FB. It’s not good. I don’t feel like it takes much from me but it definitely isn’t giving much and I go there WAY too much and spend WAY too much time. I was enjoying the FB group associated with the diet I had my daughter on because they were a really supportive group of women who always helped others out (seriously, they were so, so nice there), but now that reading their posts makes me remember that I lost that fight with my husband, I have been staying away from FB altogether. It helps me if I have a lot of posts to read in my reader, or articles saved in Instapaper, then I don’t go on FB so much–it’s usually my last stop for mindless distraction. If I can find semi-not-mindless distraction elsewhere I definitely go with that first. NaBloPoMo is really helping me right now because there are way more posts in my reader than normal. 😉

  2. I could have written this post. I do the same. I log out of FB altogether when I am trying to get work done, I stopped having notifications sent to my phone, and I also moved it so that I have to look for it and it’s not right there.

    Beyond that, though, I have no answers. I am very aware of the fact that I waste a lot of time scrolling through my feed, however. You are definitely not alone.

  3. I don’t have a smartphone so I only access FB through my laptop. That said, I still spend WAY too much time on there. I occasionally go on Pinterest, but besides that, blogs & a few message boards, I don’t do any other social media (Twitter or Google Plus or whatever). (It’s enough, lol.)

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