Stitch from Stash – June 2015

Month: June

Spent: $0

Earned: $4

Balance Forward: $81.46 + $25 + $4 = $110.46

June, and the end of SFS-A!  It was a pretty good month for me – I finished this pattern from Plum Street Samplers as a Father’s Day gift for Manly.

From this (at the May checkin)…


To this!


Stitch From Stash has been fun for the last six months, but I’m not planning on joining Group B for the rest of the year.  I thought it would be encouraging to have some other stitchers cheering me on, but it’s ended up feeling like just another responsibility that I have to slog through.  I’ve worked through some of my stash, and I have my supplies organized where I can find things easily now, so it’s definitely been beneficial – I’m hoping that carries through to working on more projects during the second half of the year.  Good luck to all the other stitchers!  I hope you have a fantastic Group B session!


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