Stitch from Stash – May 2015

Month: May

Spent: $12.00

Earned: $0

Balance Forward: $68.46 – $12 + $25 = $81.46

I didn’t do a huge amount of stitching this month – I started this pattern from Plum Street Samplers as a gift for someone.


I also picked up the colors I was missing for this Princess pattern from Tiny Modernist.  I haven’t started stitching yet, but that’s on tap for this weekend.

The BIG thing I did this month was to finally sit down and take stock of all my DMC stash.  I had reached the point where I had skeins of thread in my project folder, in my drawers, in my thread holders, in a big plastic ziplock bag, in my jewelry box … you get the idea.  I sat down with a DMC Shopper’s checklist and slowly sorted through everything, put multiples into thread binders, put singles onto Stitchbow holders and in a three-ring binder, culled out some really old Anchor skeins that don’t match the current DMC color numbers, and then put everything in numerical order.  It took hours – way longer than I expected, but at least it’s DONE now, and I have an inventory of what I do and do not have for future products.  Organizing for the win!


One thought on “Stitch from Stash – May 2015

  1. Impressive!! 🙂 That sounds like something I would do (if I still did cross stitch) and it would take forever and I wouldn’t get any washing done while I was working on it and DB totally wouldn’t understand 🙂

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