Stitch from Stash – March 2015

Month: March

Spent: $0

Earned: $0

Balance Forward: $43.46 (March balance) + $25 (April allowance) = $68.46

March – nothing spent, nothing earned.  I spent the month working on a Christmas Sampler that has been languishing as a WIP for a while.  Not super interesting, but it keeps my hands busy at night and not shoveling in snackies after dinner. 

From this …


To this:


With 3 letters complete out of 24 (X, Y, and Z share a square), it’s probably going to be two or three Christmases before this is complete.  But you have to work on those WIPS every now and then to keep the budget in check. 

However, my kids saw me poking around in my stash looking for a particular color a few weeks ago and started asking what all that stuff was.  Because they are master interrogators,  I ended up spilling that there were projects for them in there.  Now they want me to work on *their* pieces, so I see a bunch of new starts in my future… 

Stay tuned for next month to see how it goes.


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