WIPocalypse February 2015 <3

It’s WIPocalypse check-in time again!  And this month I actually have – gasp – finishes!  Like, real finished, not just patterns that I completed!  I’m so incredibly proud of myself.  The truth is that we’ve had three snow days in the last two weeks (actual snow last week, and today I’m home because the roads are iced over and closed), so I’ve had extra time that I don’t normally get in my schedule.  I’ve tried to put it to good use, rather than frittering the days away like I do my weekends.

But first, the discussion topic for this month: If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?  Answer: have you SEEN my pinterest board?  It would probably be a stream of smalls – ornaments, little pillows, bookmarks – and samplers.  I’ve been on a primitive kick lately, so there are a lot of those, and I have a ton of Christmas and Halloween ornaments.  There’s also a small, but growing, selection of Valentine’s day designs.  I also have a secret desire to make replacement chair seats from my mother-in-law’s dining set.  They are (as close as I can gather) Berlin Woolwork, but that’s just a good reason to take up another flavor of stitching.  In terms of actual designers – Roland Designs, Brooke’s Books, Primitive Hare, Satsuma Street, Just Nan, Dance Needle – and those are just off the top of my head.  And off course, if I had unlimited stitching time and budget, I would also have to outsource all my finishing work to someone else to keep up with it.  I’ll have to just keep dreaming…

So on to the finishes, right?

First up is one off of my 2015 project list – a free Bluebird from Janlynn.

wpid-20150305_142345_1.jpg wpid-20150305_142353_1.jpg

Front and back.  I just finished this in the hoop to send as a gift – I found the perfect backing bluebird fabric at Hancock last night 🙂  I basted together the backing fabric, a layer of batting, and the linen so that it can be propped or hung using the tensioner at the top for a hanger.  Or, the recipient can take it out of the hoop and finish it herself into an ornament if she prefers (but I’m guessing she’ll leave as is.)  That will go out in the mail this weekend when we thaw enough to get to the post office.

My other finish wasn’t on my original project list for the year, because it didn’t become a WIP until January!  I took a needlepoint class, but we ran out of time to finish our designs before the class ended.  So I brought home the constituent pieces, which then sat in my sewing pile for a month, until I decided to just knock out this little mitten ornament today:


If look closely, you can see some small missteps, but as a first time needlepoint project it turned out pretty good.  It’s perle cotton on canvas, backed with velveteen fused to the canvas and the cording (which we made in class) is whipstitched around.

February is going down in the books as a win for stitching, even if it was a miserable end to winter.  Onward and upward in March!


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