Stitch From Stash – February 2015

Month: February

Spent: $39.54 ($20 for needlepoint class fee + $19.54 for linen and DMC)

Earned: $4 (Love Bird) + $4 (Be True)

Balance Forward: $50 (Jan balance) – $39.54 (Feb spent) + $8 (Feb earned) +$25 (March) = $43.46

Wow, it has been a busy month for stitching!  I didn’t realize how much I had done until I went to gather up for photos for this checkin.

I added January’s check in post on the 26th.  Then on the 31st, I attended a beginner’s needlepoint class!  It was hosted by our local American Needlepoint Guild chapter and included a kit to get a feel for the craft.  The class was 2 hours long, and it wasn’t enough time for me to finish, so I have a new WIP (awwww…) waiting for me to finish.  It was interesting to me that all of the needlepointers who showed up to help us students all started with cross-stitching!  Most of the stitches I had worked before in XS designs, but working in hand on the canvas with no pattern was a very big change for me.  I am a follower, obviously, and I kept looking at the example to see what I should be doing next.  It was a fun experience, but I don’t think I’m ready to swap crafts yet – XS is where I am much happier.


My first finish was the Love Bird from Niky’s Creations:


I adore it, and it looks fantastic in person.  I have the backing fabric and am planning on making it into a little bowl pillow for next Valentine’s season.  This was done all from stash – mystery 28 count linen, with mostly-charted DMC.  The hearts were a little brighter red than charted, but I’m still very happy.

My second finish was the Be True freebie from Plum Street Samplers:


We went and saw Hamlet performed by the American Shakespeare Center at the local university the first week of February, and I was inspired.  “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” – Polonius, Act I.  Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare play, and I watch it every time I get the opportunity.  Mystery 28 count linen with charted DMC threads.  I had the black and ecru threads from stash, and the pinks and green for the flowers were purchased.  I’m not sure about how I want to finish this yet – I’m thinking about framing it.

On Wednesday, it snowed here.  Almost a foot of the white stuff, in Alabama, in February.  I was NOT a happy girl.  I live here for a reason, and that reason is to not have to deal with winter.  I get cranky when I have to defrost my windshield, much less shovel the driveway.  But being stuck inside for two days gave me plenty of time to start another project I had stashed away a loooonnng time ago:


That is the “Frosty Blue” pattern from Blackberry Lane Designs in the Just Cross Stitch 2010 Christmas Ornaments edition.  I promised my mom I would stitch it for her back in *mumblemumblefallof2010mumble.*  It’s 28 count white linen with a silver metallic thread – the pattern calls for Zweigart Lugana, but I honestly don’t remember if that’s what I bought, or just something equivalent.  I have had the pattern and supplies for a little over 4 years now, and my memory is just blank on this one.  I have the charted threads EXCEPT that the snowman was called out as B5200.  I didn’t like the color against the linen – it was practically disappearing.  So I swapped over to #3865 for more contrast against the cloth.  It’s a matter of taste depending on your fabric and your eyesight 🙂  I will say though, it only took me two lines to decide I am NEVER stitching on metallic linen again if I have the choice.  The metallic thread is not woven in tightly with the linen weave and it gaps and makes it hard to keep my counts straight.  I’m going to hold out final judgment on this pattern since it will be beaded and finished as an ornament, but right now I’m not feeling happy about it.  Also, the chart calls for 1-over-1 on the 28 count, and that is practically petit point.  I simply cannot stitch that small, so I frogged out and went back to my standard 2-over-2.  Learning from my mistake, next time I will go with an 18-ct aida or equivalent 36-ct linen.  I think that would be nice and tight for an ornament, but still large enough for me to feel comfortable seeing and working with.

Overall, this has been a very productive month for me!  Here’s looking forward to March!




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