WIPocalypse 2015 – January

So, I’m doing WIPocalypse again this year – I got 3 of my original goals (plus a new start) completed last year, but there are still some projects hanging out that I want to move from “wip” to “done”.

This year, my WIPocalypse projects are as follows:

Sitting at the same place as when I checked in last … ahem … September, is the Christmas ABC Sampler.  Ouch.  Hurts to have to admit to myself that it’s been that long since I touched it.


Although, perhaps not as much as it hurts that I am using the same picture for my bluebird as I did LAST January.  This little 4″ square has been a WIP since two Julys ago.


Last but not least, is my little Santa ornament on plastic canvas.  I last updated his progress in September, but he’s come a ways since then.  I just have backstitching left and then to trim the design out.


I also have a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament that is stitched but needs to be finished before I can use it next year.  And I have a BAP – Mother and Child by Cross Stitch Collectibles – that I want to work on (no way it is getting completed in the next 11ish months).  It’s put away right now, but it’s currently a 1″ x 6″ strip of confetti stitches.  I ambitiously want to complete the rest of the first page of the pattern (out of 15 pages), but that may or may not get completed in 2015.

I’m excited to join the WIPocalypse crew again this year and look forward to seeing everyone’s progress!


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