Stitch from Stash – January 2015

Month: January

Spent: $0

Earned: $0

Balance Forward: $25 January + $25 February = $50

This is my first time participating in Stitch from Stash – I saw it last year, but was too late to sign up.  My motivation in joining to encourage me to work through some of the designs that I have tucked away – in my Pinterest boards, in my etsy favorites, and in my stash folder – rather than continuing to *wish* that I was working on them.  They are pretty to look at, but so much better in person when they are complete!  Budget is not a priority for me, since I’m not planning on buying anything when I have linen and aida and threads of all kinds in my closet.  I’m going with a “make it work” attitude as much as possible.

So in January, I worked on a new start – a 2013 Valentine’s freebie from Niky’s Creations that I found on Pinterest and have been admiring for a while.


I’m working this as a 2-over-2 on 28-count mystery linen from my stash.  I’m using the charted DMC threads where I have them, and matching ones that look good with the color scheme where I don’t.  This is in a 4 inch hoop, so it’s going to be a pretty Valentine’s ornament when I’m done.  All I have left are the hearts on the vine, so I hope to have this done this week.

I’m excited to be participating in Stitch from Stash this year and look forward to seeing everyone’s progress!



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