Microblog Mondays: the Winter Is Coming edition

A series of vignettes to illustrate the arrival of winter in the South.

Conversation between me and Mini.  Scene: his bedroom at tuckin last night.

Me: blah, blah … And I laid your clothes out for tomorrow.  It’s going to be cold and rainy, so you need to wear socks.

Him (distraught as only a disappointed 5 year old who has been told to wear socks can be): But it was cold and rainy today! 

Me, laughing: Yes, honey, it’s turning into winter.  It’s going to be like this for a while.

Him:  but I don’t like this!  I want it to be warm again! (Throws himself face first in his pillow. Queue visions of when he’s 15 instead of 5.)

Thinking to myself: you and me both, kid.

My favorite FB status ever, from a friend who lives on the beach talking about her 3 year old:  “M, upon putting on pants this morning, asked, “Why are my shorts so LONG?”

Chatting with a coworker in Maine this morning:

Him: How’s the weather down there?

Me, after thinking for a moment: Cold, but nothing that would impress you.

Him: Probably not.


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