#30daysofgratitude, day 2: sky


The time changed last night. As my cousin said on FB, if you have small kids, it’s not a bonus of any kind. Mine were up at their normal 7:30 6:30 and wanted company and juice. Which ended any idea I had about sleeping in.

But it makes the afternoon light delicious now – rich and golden, draping the dying leaves in a gilt layer before they drop.  The colors skipped us this year thanks to a late heat wave, so they have simply … dried up. From summer’s vibrant green to dusty dead brown, few oranges or reds to be found.

We made the mistake of dropping by the model home of a new development down the street.   And now I have that same afternoon light in the master bedroom bouncing around in my head.  It’s huge. It’s open.  It has enough closets.  It has a clubhouse with a pool. It’s the only new build site in our school zone.  And of course, it’s expensive.

We’ll save our pennies and pay this house down and get out of daycare fees.  In a few years we’ll find another house in the afternoon sun and we’ll make that one ours.  Deep breath.  I’m impatient – I want it now, but now isn’t the time for us.  And that really sucks.   Being a grownup isn’t nearly as much fun as it should be sometimes.


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