#30daysofgratitude: day1, selfie

From Stephanie.

It’s NaNoBloPo time, so I went looking for a set of prompts to keep me on track.  I loved reading Measi’s 31 days last month, and I want to actually finish a whole 30 days with substance, not some dinky little check in that meets the rules of the challenge, but not the spirit.  30 Days of Gratitude is supposed to be a photo a day challenge, but I’m going to use it as a set of writing prompts for here (side note: I’ll be sharing my photo reaponses on instagram, but it’s very private.  You can email me and ask for my name there, but unless we have a history, I’m going to say no.)

I have not been a huge fan of selfies – I always think I look weird.  There’s something about the camera lens on the phone being offset and the absurd angle you have to hit to keep from having an extreme closeup that turns my best shots into something that resemble fun house mirrors.  I’ve come to peace with (or at least accepted that) I’m not photogenic.   The magic is in the smile, the light in my eyes, and those don’t translate in film pixels.

But like a lot of children, I wish I had more photos of my mother.  There are only a handful that I’ve seen; better is a charcoal drawing that my father had done after they met.  So since I have a camera in every phone in the house, I try to snap quick photos when we are out and having a good time.  The kids love to cuddle in with me, their faces centered in the picture, me peeking out and smiling behind their heads, arms wrapped around to pull them in tight.  Those photos may not be the best quality, but they are emotional, immediate.  If they ever want to see me as I was when I was young, and they were young, they will have all the proof they could ever want.


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