Microblog Mondays #8: Crying Over Spilled (Sort-of) Milk

So, hypothetically – which is worse:

  1. Spilling a freshly pumped bottle of breastmilk before you can get it in the cooler?
  2. Leaving a whole day’s worth of milk in the cooler bag on the loveseat overnight so that it spoils?
  3. Attempting to pasteurize an extra day’s worth of milk, but leaving it on the heat too long and caramelizing it?

Because I never would have been careless enough to do any one, let alone all three, of those …


3 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays #8: Crying Over Spilled (Sort-of) Milk

  1. All of it would make me weep. I would be weeping by the first one and never get to two or three because I’d be curled up in a little ball, crying. But I have an inability to deal with frustration 🙂

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