This is what the end of summer looks like: a brown and blond boy barefoot in a swing, stretching his legs up to catch the last fading rays of golden light with his toes.  A garden drooping in the afternoon chill, soft leaves holding on to the last few tomatoes and peppers, the final sweet flavors of the sun.  Oak leaves arching overhead, fading from vibrant green into mottled yellow and oranges that will light up the October sky like a fire stretching to the heavens, the embers of summer turning to smoke and drifting away on the breeze.  We eat Popsicles and shiver in the cool dimness, planning birthday parties and camping trips and Christmas presents.  The crickets sing the last of their farewell song as night drops black and blue over the yard, promising to return.

One thought on “Evensong

  1. I love it. I was just walking the dog in the dark this evening, smelling the new rain and breathing in the mistiness that we haven’t seen in months, and thinking about how much the crickets sound like they’re purring when the evenings start getting cold.

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