Microblog Mondays #4: I’m a Loser, Baby

(Because there isn’t a blog post that can’t be improved with 90s song lyrics…)

My work is hosting a “Biggest Loser” program for this fall.  It’s one of their health initiatives – they sponsor 3 programs of different flavors during the year.  The kickoff is today and it runs through mid – November,  right before Thanksgiving.  

I’ve been tracking my food for the last week, and I’ve realized that I don’t actually eat as well as I THOUGHT that I did.  I eat a lot more carbs and a lot fewer veggies than I remembered when I wasn’t writing everything down.  I wish that I could do the recommended “throw everything out of the cabinets,” but the other people in my house don’t
share that desire.  On the good side, I usually hit my calorie goal with my current diet – around 2000 kcal each day.  I’m going to have to work on keeping that intake while adjusting the types of food that I’m eating.

Some other things I’ve recognized this week –
*I have to eat a good breakfast or I’m eating whatever I can find when I come home from work
*I have a hard time drinking 64 oz of water in addition to my coffee and crystal light with dinner.  I easily get 64 of liquid each day, but making that all water is difficult.
*I default to convenience over healthy every time.
*Finding time to run is hard.  If I don’t go at lunch, or first thing on the weekends, it’s not happening.
*I miss my old running route at my last job.  I haven’t found a good one here yet, and I dislike running on the treadmill.

I signed up for a 5 this weekend with a friend, but I think we are planning on walking it.  There’s another one in December that I have a group of friends committed to run with me.  This work program is also going to provide slots in the Halloween race in town that I’ve wanted to run for years.  So I have my motivation (and my goal of fitting into smaller pants) – now I just have to go do it.


7 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays #4: I’m a Loser, Baby

  1. It’s incredibly what I need to face on the screen when I write it down. I do not eat as well as I should either. I think some of it is time. I will grab for cereal at lunch because it is quick. I need to cut up the vegetables or make the salad beforehand so I grab a salad instead.

  2. Writing down does help with keeping a track of what we eat…Good that you are keeping a track of things…Won’t be long till you fit in smaller pants πŸ™‚ … I for one need to work at stopping my belly from reaching anyplace before I do πŸ˜€

  3. All of your points are on my list! Especially on running on the weekends. If I haven’t had my run by 9AM Sunday morning, it might as well be midnight lol. Also breakfast…If I don’t have at least 150-200 calories for breakfast, I’m eating a thousand calories for dinner…easy. Oh well, at least I know that now and knowing is half the battle πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great posts!

  4. Wow, I feel like I could have written this myself.

    I recently started tracking calories and I had no idea I was so bad at fitting in f&v’s. Also, I have a very, very hard time getting all (sometimes any) water down my gullet.

    I haven’t run in years but for motivation I think back about when I used to run and how much I loved it.

    I hope to be back there someday.

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