Running, Again

C25k week 1, day 1 is in the books.  And it felt exactly like I haven’t run in over a year.  My legs hurt, my heart was pounding, and all I could think about was how easy this felt the last time I was training.  I’m out of shape, out of endurance, and my muscle tone is shot.    Next run day is Sunday.

Let me be honest here – I don’t run because I enjoy running.  It’s unpleasant and it always has been for me.  I run because it burns calories.  Because it builds muscle and stabilizes my blood sugar.  It makes my butt look better and core stronger.  It makes me feel virtuous,  like I’m better than all the people who aren’t running.  Because I love the satisfaction of checking off another training session that I’ve powered through when I didn’t really want to.  It gets me out of my house into the sunshine and into the solitude of my own thoughts.  It helps me sleep more easily.  It connects me with the huge running community in this town.  It gives me a hobby.  It introduced me to people I consider role models.  It makes me not content with where I’m at, and makes me want to get better.  It makes me feel tall and strong and lean even when the mirror says I’m not.

All those things? THAT’S why I run.


3 thoughts on “Running, Again

  1. I’ve been running for about 9 months now for the same reasons as you but somewhere along the line, I started to enjoy it. I never thought I would be one of “those” people that actually LIKE it but I do. The runners high is right up there with a great glass of merlot. I look forward to running now and I like the actual act of it more than I ever thought I would. Shout out to another runner…whatever your reasons 😉

  2. C25k is a really good program, I’ve done it a couple times. And though I experienced most of those things in your list, the fact that I just hated running won out. It’s so hard to find an exercise program that I like enough to stick with! (So far it’s yoga but that gives me zero cardio.)

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