Microblog Mondays #3: The After

The funeral is over, most of the family is gone, and I’m emotionally wrung out.  Gramma was part of my life for 14 years, but we were never very close – she adored my children and welcomed me into her home and her family, but never into her close confidences.  For me, her passing is sad but not heart-breaking.  For Manly and the kids though, it’s been a lot tougher.  I think one of the worst parts of this weekend for me was watching the kids go up to view the body the last time. It destroys me to know that they are hurting and to not be able to do anything to help them.

It hasn’t helped that Mini figured out yesterday that this also means Auntie will be leaving to return to her home in the Great White North.  She moved down to care for her mother 10 months ago, and she has been a huge part of our life since then.  He is distraught that she won’t be here for lunch on Wednesdays, dinner Sunday nights, and most importantly,  for his birthday party next month.

He wants to know when we’re going to visit.  Which we were alre already thinking about, but looked like it was going to be hard to schedule.   It’s still going to be hard to schedule, and it will still be a 12 hour drive with a 5 month old, but I’m not sure how we’re going to get out of going now. 

Which brings us to the last act of this drama of loss – we always stay at the same house when we visit.  That family has an old golden retriever who was actually scheduled to be put to sleep last week before all this happened.  It’s likely that the family will go ahead and do so now that things have settled down some.  At dinner last night, talking about going to visit, Mini and Smaller BOTH, UNPROMPTED, brought up that they wanted to play with the dog when we go up, and how much he loves them.  So what does Mini name his new, beloved stuffed dog toy from this weekend?  The same name as the soon-to-be-deceased retriever.

I think I’m gonna need another drink before I have to have THAT conversation with him.


6 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays #3: The After

  1. Oh wow… first and foremost, I am so sorry for your family’s loss.

    Children have this way of shining a laser beam focus exactly where you wish they wouldn’t look.

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