WIPocalypse September

I’ve been delightfully busy the last month!

But first, Measi’s prompt: who is my favorite person to stitch for?  Myself 🙂  However, I do try to give some things away (especially Christmas designs) so that I’m not overwhelmed.  That’s why a lot of my projects are holiday themed; I don’t feel guilty about not displaying them all year round and can rotate pieces out to show others.

And now for the goods…
Fireman Sampler is done, framed, and ready to be wrapped for Christmas.


Kitty In Presents is done.  He’s going to get mounted back in a nice hoop before he gets given away (“he” because it was inspired by my mom’s cat).


Santa Sleigh ornament – I can’t remember if this was in my original list.  I found it when I opened a pattern book and it fell out.  When I started, only the red and yellow portions were done.


And the infamous Christmas ABC Sampler.  Started here …


Frogged out the angel that was one stitch too far to the right …


And then made some progress …


It feels really good to be crossing finishes off my list.  Now if I could just stop buying new patterns…


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