Microblog Mondays

  • My big kids start preschool tomorrow morning.  I’m excited for them – I want them to love school as much as I did
  • I’ve been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for all but 6 months since 2009.  One glass of wine and I’m well relaxed, two and I wake up with a hangover.  Light.weight.
  • Pinterest + me + a kid who wants a Halloween birthday = bad things.  It’s going to be an awesome party.
  • I’m ready for Christmas.  I bought a new tree and ornaments for the girls on Saturday.
  • Kill Bill is a classic pair of movies. 
  • Best facebook quote of the day: Fantasy Football is Dungeons and Dragons for guys more interested in rushing stats than slaying trolls.
  • Two more days and I’m through with this class.  So ready.

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