WIPocalypse 2014 – April

Another full moon checkin post.  Measi’s discussion question for this month is “how do you keep your stash organized?” I have a multi-layered process: my threads are all mounted on DMC stitchbows and kept in two big 3-ring binders.  I also have a tabletop craft organizer with 3 drawers that sits on the bookshelf.  The top drawer has packages of aida and linen; the second drawer is tools – hoops, scissors, needles, pins, etc.; third drawer contains patterns, small kits, beads, and empty stitchbows.  I keep a bunch of pdfs of patterns that I keep on my computer – I’ll print them off as needed.  I actually don’t keep a huge stash, mainly because I don’t have a lot of room.

The past month I was able to make some progress – the Fire Fighter sampler is *this* close to being finished.  There was enough of the “border” red to finish both the border and the fire extinguisher that I started in the wrong shade.  So one more square to fill in, and then I can get the framing process started.


I was also able to finish the owl bib for my friend, but I forgot to take a photo afterwards!  I decided not to start the second bib for friend #2 – I’ll try for it next month before her baby is born, but I just didn’t have the energy to push through it in the two weeks I had between the showers.

Speaking of baby, I’m still *very* pregnant – induction is scheduled for Monday if baby doesn’t arrive on his/her own before then.  Five days left!




3 thoughts on “WIPocalypse 2014 – April

  1. This is a great cross stitching design! Thanks for visiting my blog too. You have noreply-comment so I couldn’t reply by email.

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