WIPocalypse 2014 March

WIPocalypse March – where have the past few months gone!  I can hardly believe we’re almost a quarter of the way through this year already. It hasn’t helped that winter has dragged on and on around here – normally we’re planting our summer garden at this point, but this year we had a hard freeze three nights ago.  I’m anxiously awaiting our normal summer sunshine and warm weather to arrive!

This month’s prompt from Measi is to show our favorite place to stitch, hence a picture of my sofa (lovingly cleaned up with Snapseed to not look as worn as it actually is).  I’m most comfortable being able to curl up when I’m stitching, and you can usually find me on the end of the couch after dinner propped up with a selection of pillows.  I keep a lot of my patterns as pdfs on my laptop so that I can zoom way in rather than printing and having to squint at the color symbols, and I have to have a place to set it while I work.  And since my kids are still small, I use a DMC StitchBow Mini Travel Bag (I have a plain black one) to keep my current project closed up when I’m not actively working on it.  That way I can tuck it aside until after bedtime and not have to worry so much about needles and scissors getting loose and hurting one of them when I’m not watching.  But I do have to have room to spread out when I am working, and the side tables give me extra space for all the accessories.  I have an Ott lamp on one table, but I don’t usually use it unless I’m working with linen – a regular table lamp is fine for me when I’m using Aida (which is all I’ve been working the last few months).


The last month, I slacked a little on my WIPs – I had two new starts instead, both smalls.  One was a belated Christmas gift for a friend:

wpid-IMG_20140102_224813_449_1.jpgJust a little monogram ornament.  I think it was about 1″ by 1 1/2″.  The pattern was a free alphabet that I had downloaded from somewhere at some point in the past and still had saved in my laptop.  It was a quick stitch the night before I met her for lunch.

The second was a baby bib based off of this pattern:

wpid-IMG_20140316_134534_152_1.jpgIt’s for a baby shower next Saturday, so it won’t be a WIP for much longer!  When I was organizing my stash at the beginning of the year, I found a handful of the blank bibs that I had picked up on clearance at some point.  I have another shower in a few weeks for a different friend, and I want to find a pattern for her as well.  It’s hard to find little boy’s cars in a small, simple pattern though.  I have a candidate off of pinterest, but it’s going to have to be modified some to fit, so we’ll see if it makes the final cut.

Finally, I did work on the Fireman Sampler.  See that fire extinguisher, though?  It’s the wrong color red.  I picked up the red that’s supposed to be in the border.  I was/am so disgusted at the mistake (it’s not the first time I did the SAME THING on this pattern) that I haven’t worked on it in a few weeks.  My plan is to finish the outside border, to make sure I have enough red to complete that long stripe, and then if there’s enough left over, I’ll finish the fire extinguisher in the “wrong” red.  If there’s not enough, I’ll have to pull out the fire extinguisher and re-start it in the correct color.  So close, and yet SO FAR still on that one.

wpid-IMG_20140316_134603_516_1.jpgI REALLY want to get that finished in the next month before baby makes an appearance!  Motivation!


7 thoughts on “WIPocalypse 2014 March

  1. Very nice progress although I don’t think anyone would have noticed the mistake in color otherwise. I hope you have enough to complete the border and extinguisher so you don’t have to pull the work already done on the extinguisher.

  2. Thanks 🙂 I think the “wrong” color would/will look fine in the overall pattern – I’m more worried about having enough thread to finish the border. On a big chunk of border, it will be very obvious if I have to get a new skein and the color is off from the original.

  3. Cute little owl! Sorry about the mistake on the fire extingushier – hopefully you’ll have enough thread to finish your boarder – I’ll leep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. The baby bib is a wonderful gift! I hope you get just the right little car design for the next one. The Fireman sampler looks incredible! I hope you have enough red to finish the border, so you don’t have to change the fire extinguisher.

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