TUSAL March 1 Checkin


February didn’t have a new moon, so March will actually have two TUSAL checkins.  It’s hard for me to see where there’s been a lot added in the last month since I’ve really only been working one pattern and all the colors are so similar.  I’m *really* ready to get done with the Fireman Sampler and move on to something that isn’t so red.

Speaking of the Fireman Sampler, I didn’t get it finished by end of February as I was planning.  There are two main shades of red used for the border and the items in the sampler.  I grabbed the border red and used it instead of the correct color for half of a fire hydrant.  At that point, I was so disgusted (this is the second time that I’ve half-finished a part with the wrong red) that I set the whole thing aside for a few days and a stitched up a Christmas ornament that I owed a friend.  My instinct is to leave the red that I’ve stitched already an d adjust the other colors, but I need to finish the rest of the border to make sure I have enough of the red to do both.  So, still going to finish it before I start something else, but I’m cranky about it.


2 thoughts on “TUSAL March 1 Checkin

  1. Totally get your frustration! The I heart heart Gallifrey I was working on sent me for a bit of a loop with the heart. I completed half of it before I realized I was only using 2 strands floss instead of 3. Problem arose cause I was working on 2 different projects on 11 count and 14 count aida at same time. Frustration and discouraging to rip out 1/2 heart, but it really was noticeable! lol

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