“There is no beginning too small.”

I spent a lot of the last month reflecting on 2013 –  its challenges and its failures, successes and lessons.  And I thought a lot about where I want to go, both in the immediate future and in a more long-term timeframe.

When I was writing my way through the Unravelling 2014 workbook from Susannah Conway, I realized that I was deeply unsatisfied with how the last year went.  There wasn’t any single point where I felt like I had failed, but I fell far short from where my goals for the year were set.

For this year, there are several areas where I want to improve myself.  And rather than focus on large “milestone” type goals, I want to work on getting a little bit of growth into every day.  Today was interesting, because I didn’t have to go to my office, so I was able to try out a bunch of small beginnings.  I won’t be able to experience this broad-focus potpourri of everything everyday, obviously, but having a set of ideas to work towards and a whole empty day to start with was fun.

I was able to

  • walk 2 miles
  • play with paint and paper to create a challenge journal
  • meditate
  • write for 750 words
  • take a photo and edit
  • write this post

I still feel stilted here – I’m rusty from not writing for so long, or just writing free-form without any purpose.  It’s a different skill than being able to come in, get to the point, and get out.  I want to get back into the groove here.


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