In the Cupboard


In the Cupboard is about the worst possible photo prompt I can think of.  My cupboards are most likely 50 years old – built into the kitchen when the house was built.  The wood is a dark-stained pine, some of the color from the original decorative treatment, some of it grime and oil from years of use. Some of the shelves have been covered with contact paper, others are bare wood.  The drawers are worn out; when you open and close them, you shed wood shavings into the cabinets below.  All the dishes in the floor-level cabinets have to be wiped or rinsed out before you can use them.  The shelves are fixed height – exactly measured to contain two stacked cans of Campbell’s soup.  Two cans of green beans are too tall to fit.

We don’t have a ton of cabinet space – I have one with spices, two with dishes and mugs, two for dry and canned foods, one half-width cabinet with tea and coffee and measuring cups, one for glasses, and two of those 6 inch tall over the refrigerator cabinets that hold baking dishes.  Under the counter, I have one that holds tupperware and one that holds pans and mixing bowls.  You can tell that the dishwasher was a retrofit into the existing kitchen and a set of shelves was removed to make room.

I really don’t want a picture of my cupboards, or anything inside them, posted on the internet for the world to snicker at.

So instead you get a pretty off the shelf, out for display where I can enjoy it.


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