Some news

So I have some news I’ve been sitting on since August – part of the reason why I went so quiet here.

I’m 15 weeks pregnant, due in April.

We’re excited and very happy over this.  It turns out that 3 other girls in my circle are due between April 14 and May 31, so there will be another group of playmates together.

I’m a little wistful at the same time – this will most likely be our last baby, and it feels like a chapter in my life is closing out.


7 thoughts on “Some news

  1. Well holy crap!! You’re the…5th? one I know of who is due between January and the end of April! Three of them are about 2 weeks apart each, if that. I remember when I got pregnant with The Boy I was smack in the center of a pack of 9. 🙂 Things just happen that way, I suppose.

    I am so freaking excited for you! This popped up in my feed while I was talking to the husband and he was like “What’s wrong? What are you ‘holy crapping’ about?” SO EXCITED!!

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