30. Down (and Happy Blogoversary to Me!)


The rain came down, then the temperature dropped, and then the sun went down.  Which all combined to create a spectacular sunset.  I wish I had had a real camera with me; the one on my phone just really doesn’t have enough power to do justice to the light and the color that was there.  I don’t have a point-and-shoot any more – the flash on my purse camera died last fall, and I haven’t been happy with any of the potential candidates.  The one I had was a $100 camera five years ago, but the current version is closer to $200 and I’m not ready to spend that much on a replacement.


When I logged into wordpress, I had a message wishing me Happy Anniversary.  I’ve been in this space for the last six years, which completely blows my mind.  I remember setting up this account, trying to pick out a tagline and a pseudonym.  If I remember correctly, wordpress at that time told you how many wordpress blogs you were joining.  At the time I started this space, it was something like 650K.  That was a lot, but no where near how many there must be now.

It goes without saying that the blogging community is much different than it was six years ago.  I think that all of the bloggers in the cohort I started out with have either moved on to parenting or living childfree.  I say “I think” because most of them have also stopped writing.  I never approached this space with a plan, just with the desire to get stuff out of my head.  And that’s why I’m still here.  The need to clear some mental space never really goes away.  Sometimes it’s a stronger desire, sometimes it’s weaker.  Sometimes I need more support, sometimes less.  Either way, this has become my home and I don’t see myself leaving any time soon.

Thanks for being here with me all these years, and I hope you stick around.


2 thoughts on “30. Down (and Happy Blogoversary to Me!)

  1. Happy Blogoversary! It’s funny, until recently I thought you were one of the bloggers that had stopped writing. Somehow I figured out that I never added you to my reader (because who had a google reader 6 years ago? Not me!).

    And I love this sentence: “The need to clear some mental space never really goes away.” So true.


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