21. What You (I) Do and ICLW Welcome


Hello and welcome to ICLW-ers!  I’m also doing the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-Day January Challenge and the 750words January Challenge.  The prompt for today is “What You Do” – and I what I do for a living is rather boring.  So I dug up an old meme and spent some time thinking about what I do that makes me, me.

  1. I crunch numbers.
  2. I design logical diagrams.
  3. I balance budgets.
  4. I diagnose bugs in code.
  5. I deconstruct customer requests.
  6. I remember that crucial thing that that person said once that we never wrote down.
  7. I record meeting notes.
  8. I build overly detailed powerpoint decks.
  9. I grammar-check proposals.
  10. I intimidate interviewees.
  11. I analyse decision implications.
  12. I change diapers.
  13. I kiss boo-boos.
  14. I hold hands.
  15. I read books about Duck and Cowboy Sam and the mouse sisters.
  16. I recite Dr. Suess’s ABC’s.
  17. I pick up toys.
  18. I give hugs.
  19. I carry babies on my hips.
  20. I find lost lovies.
  21. I run bubble baths.
  22. I sing lullabies.
  23. I cuddle at bedtime.
  24. I hang tiny dresses and sweaters on miniature clothes-hangers.
  25. I giggle when I hear my own words and phrases come out of their mouths.
  26. I look at Manly in amazement over their accomplishments.
  27. I clean dirty little ears and hands and feet.
  28. I sleep in as late as small people will let me.
  29. I wake up at the slightest peep from their rooms.
  30. I rub backs.
  31. I share chapstick.
  32. I drink coffee.
  33. I sip hot tea.
  34. I eat too much chocolate.
  35. I add peppermint mocha creamer to my cocoa year-round.
  36. I cry during the sad parts of movies every time.
  37. I cross-stitch patterns.
  38. I spend too much time browsing free patterns on pinterest.
  39. I hide my stitching stash from my husband.
  40. I watch television shows about cooking.
  41. I search recipes on the internet.
  42. I own a collection of mostly unused cookbooks.
  43. I memorize the recipes that we use constantly.
  44. I measure a half-teaspoon in the palm of my hand.
  45. I scan magazine recipes so that I can throw away the paper and keep the idea.
  46. I throw spilled salt over my left shoulder.
  47. I cook dinners.
  48. I provide peanut butter sandwiches as an alternate for any dinner that is refused.
  49. I bake an excellent peach cobbler.
  50. I despise cilantro.
  51. I plan our kitchen garden.
  52. I grow african violets indoors like my godmother.
  53. I research local farm options to source our groceries.
  54. I refuse to throw away the six kohlrabi in the fridge without trying SOMETHING with them.
  55. I sniff my hands after I work with rosemary, garlic, and lemon.
  56. I cut lime slices into my diet soda.
  57. I make jalapeno jelly from our peppers for Christmas gifts.
  58. I bathe the dog.
  59. I vacuum piles of dog hair.
  60. I daydream about new, dog-hair-free carpet.
  61. I redecorate our house in my imagination at least once a week.
  62. I ask again and again for an outdoor clothesline.
  63. I trip over the laundry baskets that I need to empty.
  64. I keep a designated spot for things I am decluttering.
  65. I list all the things that go in that pile to remind me how much we have, versus how much we need.
  66. I struggle with letting go of things that remind me of people or events.
  67. I jog through the neighborhood.
  68. I track my workouts with two apps.
  69. I fantasize that one day I’ll finish a 10K without stopping.
  70. I set goals for miles run and races finished in a year.
  71. I ignore that I need to work on upper-body strength training.
  72. I panic about buying a non-maternity swimsuit this summer.
  73. I wear a ponytail because someone doesn’t want me to get a pixie cut.
  74. I listen to sports talk radio.
  75. I follow SEC football and Redwings hockey.
  76. I support our local college hockey team.
  77. I take pictures with my phone instead of the camera.
  78. I forget to download the pictures from the camera to the computer.
  79. I worry that something will happen to both computers and the backup and I’ll lose them all.
  80. I order hundreds of photos in bulk when they go on sale.
  81. I stack prints on my desk to be sorted into albums and frames and baby books.
  82. I browse through all our digital pictures periodically and remember how small they were.
  83. I mail actual cards out to let my family know I’m thinking about them.
  84. I maintain a facebook account only because it’s the fastest way to contact most of my family.
  85. I wish our extended family lived closer to us.
  86. I hate voicemail.
  87. I scan through my reader and facebook feeds at lunch to keep up with my online community.
  88. I lurk because I hate commenting on my phone.
  89. I write posts in my head as I go about my day.
  90. I love my husband.
  91. I talk to him online while I’m at work because I miss him.
  92. I laugh at how much we think alike.
  93. I sneak out the front door with him when we get a babysitter on the weekends.
  94. I miss having season tickets to the theatre.
  95. I wonder if we’re crazy for wanting a third child.
  96. I stuff clothes and toys in the attic to use again with another baby.
  97. I want another baby.
  98. I adore my children.
  99. I document my life here in case my children ever want to know who I was outside of being their mom.
  100. I feel overwhelmed by how short life is and how much I want to do in the time I have.

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