19. Delicious


Another Saturday in January, another 1st birthday party, another triumph of the local RE.  I’ve been lucky, if you can call it that, to be surrounded by friends who have dealt with infertility.  Some of them I met through this blog – Becky, Jess, Kellie – and some of them were my college girlfriends who, it turned out, had more in common than we realized.  I had six very close friends when I graduated from college, acquired through sorority.  Of those six, two have dealt with primary IF, one with secondary IF, one has a hormonal imbalance that will probably make it difficult if/when she decides to try, one is “advanced maternal age” and unmarried, and one had no problems.  So out of 7 of us, 5 have already dealt with IF and another probably will.  That ratio makes me wonder if the whole “1 in 8” couples is a vast undercount, or if I’m just part of a statistical anomaly.


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