ICLW Bingo Icebreaker

Return To Go had a fun post — the ICLW Bingo Icebreaker!  My jpeg-fu is weak, so instead of bingo squares, you just get my answers.  But please add your own responses and link to them in the comments; I think this is a cool little introduction for new ICLW readers.

  • Length of cycle: 32-34 days, regularly. Since my cycle came back this time it’s been a little wonky at the beginning — more spotting than I used to have. I’m unsure whether that’s a new “thing” or if it’s a consequence of the IUD.
  • Favorite hobby: I enjoy cross-stitching, but I have to fight to find the time now. I have a ton of patterns and thread that I would *love* to have time to work on, but it’s not a good hobby when small people are around and highly interested in that brightly colored stuff that mama has, especially with bonus pointy needles and scissors!
  • POAS addict?: no. I peed on exactly one stick with each of the kids and never had the desire. POAS makes me highly anxious and I don’t like feeling that way, so I don’t.
  • Pets: Gozer the Labrador Destructor.
  • Profession: Technically, I’m an engineer. Practically, that translates into “data monkey” with a side order of “nerd wrangler.” And periodically I have to be a technical writer and translate what our chief scientist says into real-person language that the suits can understand.
  • IF Diagnosis: PCOS with no reason why we were unable to get pregnant. I responded to Clomid (enthusiastically!) and femara, but never got pregnant while cycling. I went in for an IVF consult, and two weeks later was unexpectedly (and unmedicated-ly) pregnant. Second pregnancy was also unmedicated.
  • PC or Mac: PC/droid. Macs make me angry — I’m probably one of the few people in the world who finds them completely non-intuitive. They just don’t DO what I want to do or respond how I expect. That said, Mini has requested an iPad from Santa (thanks, Becky — this is totally your fault) so we will be looking into a used one for him.
  • Current IF Meds & Supplements: we are preventing right now. I got an paragard IUD back in January so that a) I have time to completely recover from being pregnant this time and b) I don’t have any hormonal manipulation to recover from. We want to try again in a year, and I don’t want to take any unnecessary chances with my system.
  • Needles: I only ever had to do the HCG trigger shots, but they (needles/shots) typically don’t bother me. However I cannot stand blood draws, which make me want to puke.
  • Cable TV: HD DVR. We’ve talked about dropping it since we only watch a handful of our 400 channels, but the handful we watch are only available on the higher package. Plus, we are both loving the DVR to skip commercials and watch shows when the kids are in bed.
  • Medicated Cycles: 3 Clomid + 4 Femara.
  • Favorite Food: does coffee count as a food?
  • Vote: yes, but I’m a blue voter in a red state, so it doesn’t feel like it matters. I have been known to vote in the red elections in order to have some influence on the level of crazy that gets elected.
  • Years w Partner: 12 together, and we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in a few months.
  • Siblings: oldest of three, one younger sister and one younger brother
  • Pregnant?: not currently, but have had two successful pregnancies
  • Miscarriages: none, and I count that among my blessings in life.
  • Fav Color: blue. My preference is for a light blue-green tealish shade, but I love them all. Sky blue, navy blue, ocean blue … they make me happy.
  • IF Journey: went off of pills in June of 2005. No period for 6 months. OB eventually prescribed me clomid, and I did an unmonitored cycle with her. Referral to RE, two more monitored clomid cycles, all unsuccessful. Then 4 Femara cycles, also unsuccessful. RE told me that he thought IUI would not be of any use — I responded to meds and Manly had no issues, so IUI wasn’t going to buy us anything. I thought we were done TTC — the statistics told us we had about a 3% chance of ever getting pg. Not good enough odds. We took a year off of “trying,” at which point Manly prompted me to go check out IVF. Had a consult, two weeks later was surprised by a positive pregnancy test early in 2009. We never prevented after Mini was born and got another positive test a month after his first birthday. After Smaller was born, had an IUD inserted (see above). We plan to try again after she turns 2. Given our history of IF and then two successful back-to-back pregnancies, I have no idea how this will work out. We might get pregnant immediately, we might never get pregnant again. There’s just no telling and I’m trying to mentally be prepared for either outcome.
  • Lived Abroad: nope. I have been out of the country for a total of about 10 minutes, just long enough to cross the border into Canada, turn around and come back — just to say I actually had been out of the country at all. I have lived in two cities my entire life, both in the same state. I can drive back home to my parents’ house in about 2 1/2 hours. I’ve actually only lived in two houses my entire life — my parents’ and now my own. In college I bounced through dorms and apartments, and that was enough to teach me that I don’t like to move.

7 thoughts on “ICLW Bingo Icebreaker

  1. Yes, this is a fun activity! I don’t have time to answer all but will take a crack at a few. Your experience of getting pregnant naturally after all you’d been through is amazing!

    Length of cycle: 26-28 days, so pretty average, I guess. I occasionally ovulate on day 11 or 12 versus 13/14…

    Favorite hobby: I love dancing! Not sure if that’s a hobby. I’ve done it in some form or another, since I was a kid. Currently liking free form/ecstatic dance but going to get back into couples dancing soon.

    POAS addict?: No. I hate blank white spaces, they depress me! If I have a very good reason to believe I may be pregnant then I’d test…

    IF Diagnosis: Being old! Antral Follicle count of 8 or 9 and FSH of 8. That’s all they can find anyway. I’m about to try my second injectable IUI cycle…

    Needles: I don’t mind needles so much, but haven’t had to do any intramuscular shots! I felt pretty tough doing the belly shots and referred to myself as a “Doctor.” 🙂

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