Googlebait: Sherwin Williams Blue Bedroom Paint Colors


Consider this a public service since we have spent way too much time today trying to recreate this information.

That picture up there?  That is from Sherwin Williams — it originally came out in a television commercial in 2003.  I know because that was when we painted our bedroom like that.  We loved the look, and I got the paint colors by emailing Sherwin Williams’ customer service.  We’re starting to repaint the house and wanted to refresh the color, but of course I can’t find my paint chips now.  

But thanks to my google-fu and vague memories, I can now tell you this:

  • The base wall color is “Soar” (SW 6799)
  • The brighter blue squares are “Regale Blue” (SW 6801)
  • The purple squares are “Mesmerize” (SW 6544)
  • There is a metallic silver translucent glaze applied as a top coat

The process is fairly straightforward: paint the base coat, let dry.  Tape off rectangles in your desired size and pattern, apply Regale Blue or Mesmerize and then sponge/wipe off to your desired level of translucence, let dry.  Remove the tape, reset and retape and apply another layer of squares.  Let dry, and apply a third layer of squares (if desired) or paint with the silver glaze.

You’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “Googlebait: Sherwin Williams Blue Bedroom Paint Colors

  1. Love the colors! Having spent a long time arguing over the correct blue- I appreciate knowing the specifics 🙂

    Thanks for the comment re: asking for help irl and in blogosphere.

    Part of what has been isolating this year has been to be spending my sabbatical at home, posting frequently and not hearing responses back from anyone… I think I’m missing the in-your-face social engagement of teaching. As an introvert, I often find myself thinking that I’m fine without interaction for long periods of time and then all of sudden feeling isolated. I agree that the blog is not the place to find your safety net- although sometimes it does provide another form of connection. Anyway- delete this if you’d rather not have a response to my blog on yours but I wanted to respond directly to your thoughts.

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