Further proof I might be losing it …

I’m seriously considering Manly’s proposal that we take the kids on a trip to northern city for a long weekend in October.  Twelve hours in the car (one way) with a not quite two month old and a not quite two year old?

Somebody please talk me out of this before it’s too late to cancel!


2 thoughts on “Further proof I might be losing it …

  1. Lots of snacks, plenty of music, toys, a portable dvd player (despite his non attention to it currently, it may be the time he actually takes to it since he has nothing else to do,) built in stops, a night in a hotel half way or driving through the night. Drinks and plenty of patience, and you will do just fine. 🙂

  2. Would this be a Northern City in which a certain mascot name Sparty resides? If it’s mid-October, I know there may be a certain football game that I’d be interested in attending … 🙂

    And if you DO take up Manly’s proposal … I probably would do the whole planned stops and an overnight hotel stay midway through. Good luck!

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