No, mom, I haven’t had the baby.  If I did, you would KNOW.*

And to anyone else who looks at me and says: “You’re going to have that baby any time now” — you are somewhere between false hope and LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE depending on your degreee of technical skill in this area.

Dr. appt at 3:00 this afternoon — where we are going to go over all the details of my planned induction on Monday.  She’s got three days to come on her own, and then we’re staging an eviction from the premises.

Should I mention at this point that Manly and I are so disgusted that we’ve planned a date night for tonight while we have a babysitter?  Neither one of us believe that she’s going to make any independent moves towards the exit any time soon.


*My mom doesn’t read this.  But we have had this convesation twice this week now over the phone.


3 thoughts on “39w2d

  1. I thought for sure she would be here as we haven’t heard from you. Good luck and I hope she makes her appearance sooner, than later. Have a wonderful date night!!!!

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