Proceeding Apace

More information than you might want to know, but trying to keep details on how this all goes down again — since I went back to Mini’s notes and they are maddeningly blank in the week leading up to his birth.

Moved from mucus plug to bloody show this morning.  Not sure how much of that is due to the exam yesterday — I remember that the manuals triggered it last time, so as with everything, it might mean something or it might not.

Note — have also moved myself into the guest bed because my arms keep falling asleep and it’s easier to prop myself up and roll over in a non-temperpedic mattress.  Plus, WAY better sleep without the miniature one clinging to me all night long.


2 thoughts on “Proceeding Apace

  1. Oh Sharah,

    I’m always struck by blog time – how when I check in again so many things have happened, so much time has passed — and what a momentous time right now. I’m sending you good thoughts.



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