38 weeks (technically 37w6d)

  • blood pressure “good”
  • weight 211
  • baby’s hb = 156
  • 4 cm dilated
  • DEFINATELY head down (“I can feel skull sutures.”)

So, any day now essentially.  I have another appt on next Friday (39w2d) and then I’m penciled in for an induction on the 8th if she isn’t here by then.  However, doc and nurses all think that that is a pipe dream.

Oh, and for the record, she does NOT like being poked at.  She was kicking the doppler wand while they were trying to record the heartbeat and Manly could see her rolling to the other side of my belly trying to get away from it.

Jesus, I have to go pack my hospital bag now.


2 thoughts on “38 weeks (technically 37w6d)

  1. The Boy was head down from 32 weeks on, and it still took 2 inductions and a c-section to get him out. 🙂 I was not, however, dilated to a 4! I’m thinking you aren’t going to make it to your induction as well. Go pack! 🙂

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