35 weeks

Appointment stats:

  • blood pressure = 128/68
  • weight = 208 (205 at home)
  • baby’s hb = 139
  • fundal height “measuring right on track”

This doc thinks that she’s head up, after palpatating my belly.  But she says they’ll know more when they start internal checks, because then they can feel a head (or not) at the cervix.  If they’re still unsure then, I get a bonus ultrasound to check for breech.

The two questions everyone asks me these days are “when are you due again? (while warily eyeing my belly as if I might go into labor at any second.  or pop, take your pick) and “how are you feeling?” (sympathetically after watching me stand up from my office chair or waddle down the hall).  As I got out of the car tonight, my good friend’s mother (who has known me since I was 18) gasped loud enough for me to hear from the parking lot.  Y’all, I look huge.

I’m also still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans.

The weight is allllll going to my belly — this little girl sticks way out in front.  She enters a door before I do.  And she’s high up in my ribs so that I catch myself panting when I lean too far forward to the keyboard.  I know she’s sitting in front of my ribs because she always hiccups in the same place, and I used to be able to feel bones there.  Not so much these days.

I think the general summation of how I feel is “meh.”  It’s miserably hot and humid here right now (94 degrees and 90% humidity today, yay!).  I’ve hit the point here at the end where I am just incredibly tired — I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, but I’m having trouble sleeping as well.  I wake up a little every time I have to roll over, because I have to think about how to accomplish that move without hurting myself.  Or like last night, I brush a mosquito bite and wake up itching myself raw and can’t go back down.  My crotch hurts where the pelvic bones are separating.  My bellybutton was all OWIE for a week whenever I brushed up against something, and now it has gone numb, along with the surrounding skin.  Which is just … weird.  My breasts have started to swell and leak colostrum, and nursing the boy, which has been painful since the second trimester started, is just driving me out of my skin.  I’m thankful he has been so tolerant; I wanted to tandem nurse if I can, and he’s been letting me get away with 1-2 sessions a day.  I’ve started to swell some, mainly in my legs and feet at the end of the day, but my hands haven’t gone yet.  It sounds like I feel horrible when it’s all listed out like that, but really each individual symptom is managable, and they don’t all occur at once.

On the plus side, I love, love, love feeling this one move around all the time.  She hiccups, she kicks, she rolls, she does jumping jacks or something similiar when I eat lunch, and she has her favorite pokie spot below my ribcage when I lay on my side.  Manly caught her off guard the other day — he poked at her foot while she was kicking one spot and she jerked back like he was going to get her.  He was laughing today watching my belly jump across the table after I drank soda.

I feel much more ready to parent her than I did with Mini.  I know it’s just having gone through it once before, and I KNOW what I’m up against, rather than having to figure it all out at once.  It’s like going into labor again — this time I know what a contraction feels like, I know how bad it can get, and I know an epidural will make it all better.  I know what to pack in my hospital bag.  I know how to position her so that she latches on correctly.  I know how to change a diaper.  I know how to strap her correctly into the carseat.  I know how mind-numbing the first few weeks of no sleep will be.  I know how to use my sling.  I know I’m  probably not going to drop her down the stairs.  I know I’m going to be a snotty, teary hormonal mess for months.  I know that there will be nothing good on tv while I’m on leave.  All those little things that I just had never experienced before with Mini, I’ve gone through once already.  There are a million variations of that theme, but I at least have gone through the script once.  I know enough now to adlib my way through the rest.

33ish days to go.  That’s an incredibly short time.

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