31 weeks

I cannot believe I’m at the point of single digits remaining in this pregnancy.  It simultaneously has flown by and seems like I have been pregnant forever. 

I never posted stats from my 29 week visit, so for posterity:
Baby’s heartbeat 136
My blood pressure 116/60
Weight 202 (up 3 lb, for a total +13 on their scales, +17 on mine at home)
Fundal height 28 weeks
Negative for gestational diabetes (number was 106, but I don’t know what that meant)
No issues, just rotating through the other docs so everyone has peeked at my chart at least once.

Everyone keeps asking me how I am.  Which frankly, has devolved into a response of “I’m this big now and it’s this hot out, and I still have two months to go.”  Which results into tsk-tsking and shaking heads most times.  Y’all, it’s been in the high 90s for a week, and it’s just going to get worse.  I’m sucking down ice water to keep hydrated, but that’s all I can do other than lay around and try not to melt. 

Physically, I’ve hit the not-so-much fun point a little earlier this time.  I’ve had the kicked-in-the-crotch feeling for two weeks, and she keeps trying to kick her way out below my right-side ribs.  I’ve told Manly I will not be surprised if she is a big girl — she can already poke me in the ribs and the pelvis simultaneously.  He thinks Mini just prestretched evrything so she has lots of room to move around in.  Who knows which one of us is going to be right.


3 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. I remember the heat when I was pregnant with Phoebe! The heat stinks when you’re not pregnant, but is miserable when you are. I feel ya!

    Glad things are going relatively well! Can’t believe it’s already single digits left either!

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