25 weeks

I started to write this on Tuesday, then trailed off, thinking I’d get it the next day.  If you’ve watched much of the news, you know that the tornadoes in our area Wednesday didn’t really offer any help with that.  SO.  After the power company announced it would be 3-5 days (and now 7-10) days before power is restored, Mini and I decamped south to my ‘rents where there is power and hot water.  Manly has stayed home to keep an eye on the house and continue to work (his job was mostly unaffected, and he can run off generators).  A fair number of the people I know have also taken improptu vacations to relatives within driving distance, so I don’t feel like a complete cop-out.

Other than the power outage and my forced vacation from work, we were unaffected by the storms.  For anyone who might possibly have worried, I’ve talked with Becky and seen Jess post on Facebook, so they are both safe. 

And it seems a little irrelevant now, but I did have my 25 week check on Tues.  I’m up to 199 lb (geez that number is scary), BP 116/64, measuring 24 weeks, baby’s HP 146 bpm, and I”m to report for gestational diabetes testing at 28 weeks.  Everything is fine, and progress is uneventful.  Here’s to hoping the rest of our lives get back to that state soon.

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