21 weeks


  • My blood pressure: 114/68
  • Weight: 197
  • Cervix: 4.8 cm
  • Baby’s heartbeat: 142 BPM
  • Baby’s estimated weight: 1.0
  • Movement: still little flickers.  I’m feeling little pushes and nudges through the day now, still no pattern.

Today was our ultrasound.  Up until this point, my anxiety has been peaking on monthly visit days — I’ve been terrified each time that THIS would be the appointment where it all fell apart and the baby would be found dead.  The increasing movement in the last month though, has me on a more even keel.  Feeling the baby move this morning, I wasn’t worried (much) that there would be no heartbeat.

The second time, it was familiar.  The look-at-the-baby’s-spine shot still looks incredibly creepy, like that thing from alien is about to pop out of my belly at any moment.  We saw my cervix, the placenta, a lovely four-chambered heart, two kidneys, the hemispheres of the baby’s brain, two feet, two hands, a belly full of fluid.  The point that made me jump out of my skin this time was when the u/s tech started to say, “There are the baby’s feet” but what I heard was “There are the babIES…” and my heart stopped until my brain caught up and processed the whole sentence.  Overall, the baby is measuring about 5 days AHEAD, which doesn’t bother me at all.  I KNOW that I didn’t ovulate 5 days earlier, so this may just end up being a big baby. 

At this point, you’re probably waiting anxiously to know if it’s a boy or girl.  Well, so were we.  Unlike with Mini, who showed off his stuff as soon as the u/s wand hit my belly, we had to go hunting for this one.  The tech got all of her actual-medical-reason measurements done and then started trying to get an angle that would show the gender.  Right now, the head is on my right side, with the legs on my left, and the baby was curled up.  But the tech was persistent and we persevered. 

It’s a girl.


6 thoughts on “21 weeks

  1. So exciting! I’ve been following you since Mini was brand new, and I’m thrilled for you to have a healthy critter in there! It will be fun to see the difference between boys and girls. I had two boys first, then my girl, and it was a sweet, wonderful, different world. Congratulations!

  2. Oh yay! I’m so glad everything is ok, and that you were able to find out the gender. A girl! Every girl should have a big brother – works great!

  3. One of each! YAY! They say all babies are different… That’s very true, but I do think some of it is about boy vs. girl, now. Before having them, I would have scoffed at that idea.

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