17 weeks

Notes for history: Dr. appt yesterday.  Weight = 192 on their scale (total gain = 4lb), BP 110/60, measuring 17 weeks fundal.  I looked back through my file before I left, and I’m 8 lb higher than I was with Mini; but I started out at 10 lb heavier, so that’s progress.  Baby was hiding down WAY low under my pelvic bones again, they could hear the heartbeat and estimated in the 140’s, but couldn’t get a clear count again.  Interesting side note — I did get to hear my own heartbeat in my placenta.  The nurse found it on my right side, and it was cool because you could definitely tell the difference between it and my heartbeat from an artery.  It was very “shushy,” more like the baby’s heartbeat sounds but at my heartrate.  Scheduled for U/S on the 29th.  My doc was backed up, so I saw one of the other OBs in the practice briefly, but I didn’t have any questions and he didn’t have anything to add, so it was more an introduction in case I end up with him at delivery than anything else.  Also stopped by the lab on the way out to get my blood drawn for the second half of the quad screen.

I’ve been feeling little flutters for a few weeks now, but they haven’t been clear whether it’s the baby or if it’s my own heartbeat.  Tonight though, I felt a little push that I’m just about certain was the babe.  I felt Mini the night before my 17w appt and this would be one night after, so the progress is very close (which is reassuring to me).


2 thoughts on “17 weeks

  1. I am thinking of you Sharah — blog time is so strange — it seems, of course, like only yesterday that you gave us the news. How are you feeling in a global sense?

    Just wanted to let you know I was here.


  2. Hey, I might be in need of a margarita before this embryo transfer. Know you can’t have one, but I promise to drink one for you! Let’s do chips and salsa. I’ll email you tomorrow to set it up.

    I’m so excited about mini! Way to go on the weight! Dang! That’s awesome!

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